DJ Alicia Havens


“They say that music speaks to the soul, the emotion, the core of person, Music can make you move in ways you never thought…..you can hear a song and your body just knows it wants to move”

 -Clementine, A

About Me

Alicia started her music career at the age of 18, when she joined a cover band out of Nashville, TN. She was one of the lead vocalists. Teamed with her musician/producer husband, she currently records originals and demos. She is the proud mother of two kids, and works as an executive during the day. Alicia’s love for music extends to performing, dancing, and DJ-ing events. She has performed at a multitude of private parties and corporate events. She was the DJ at this year’s Los Angeles Heart Walk



Take your event to the next level, with amazing sets and playlists. Corporate events, private parties, fundraisers, or night time entertainments. Alicia will rock that party. 


Need to record a demo, hook, or cover. Alicia performs a variety of services to help cover your music needs. 


Need to plan a fun, healthy event for your team. Have a Zumba instructor come pump up your team. Spice up your next meeting or event with some Zumba

Contact Me

323-989-DJAH (3524)